What is Preventive Dentistry? 

Preventative dentistry is a philosophy of how to best practice dentistry that involves more than just treating emergencies when they arise.

It is a process of finding problems and treating them before they cause any great harm. Yes, this means regular checkups and fluoride treatments, but it also means much more.

Preventive Dental Care

When you come into our practice you will have your vitals taken as is required by the Virginia Department of Health. This includes screening you for high blood pressure, fever, and abnormal heart rate. We will do an extensive medical history and review your current medications, allergies, and medical conditions. We use caries risk assessment questions to help determine how best to meet your dental needs.

We take a series of x-rays on our new patients that includes a Panoramic image where we look for serious pathology in the jawbones, TMJ, neck, and sinuses. You will be screened for oral cancer so that it may be caught early and treated. We even take CBCT 3D images in our office when needed.

We assess the health of your gums and make recommendations for improving them. The health of your gums is a window into your overall health and gum disease has been linked to other health concerns like Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Alzheimer’s. In our practice, we believe in making you healthy and we do not just “watch” active periodontal infections as they fester and slowly advance. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection and it does spread to the rest of your body.

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Preventative dentistry means finding cavities and stopping them early using high definition digital x-ray systems. It means preventing and treating destructive habits like clenching and grinding. It means protecting root canal teeth with strong crowns. It means placing dental sealants on teeth with deep grooves, balancing your bite by replacing missing teeth, keeping up with advances in technology, etc…

And yes, it means regular checkups and fluoride treatments

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