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At Burns Family Dentistry, it is our primary goal to help you achieve maximum oral hygiene and dental care. Our experienced team is here to serve your every need and ensure each and every visit is efficient, effective and comfortable. Whether you are in need of a general cleaning, an extraction or a root canal, we assure you will be treated with extra care and exceptional service.

Another one of our goals is to help our patients when they are in need. We strive to see our patients the same day if they are in any pain. Emergencies are worked into our daily schedule.this may cause us to sometimes run behind on scheduled appointments, but you may appreciate it when you have an emergency of your own.

WHAT WE DOHere's a list of what we do

COVID-19 Procedures

At Burn Family Dentistry, we've always taken your safety seriously. This time we're going above and beyond our normal precautions to make you feel safe during your appointment. Our waiting room will be closed, for now, so please expect to wait in your car until being escorted inside.

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Preventative Care

Ensure your teeth stay clean and strong with preventative care. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance involves check-ups and cleanings to keep your smile happy and healthy. Trust our friendly and professional hygiene team to help you maintain your optimal dental and overall health!

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Family Dentistry

When you’re a patient at Burns Family Dentistry, you’ll feel you’ve found the perfect home for your family’s oral health. We strive for the best possible experience for adults and children of all ages, so the whole family is welcome!

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is important to us. In fact, research shows just how great of an impact our smile can have on our self-esteem. We use advanced technology and in-house services to ensure a cohesive process with long-lasting, high-quality and comfortable results that will leave you smiling ear to ear.

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Tooth Replacement

No matter how you lose a tooth, we want to help restore the balance of your teeth’s functions. Even losing one tooth can affect the way your mouth functions. We offer a full range of different tooth replacement options to make sure your implants are comfortable, long-lasting, and fully functional.

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Extractions & Preservation

Few people look forward to these kinds of procedures, but we’ll make sure you’re comfortable before and after your surgery, and perform with the least invasive care as possible. After the extraction is performed, it is important to preserve the bone in your jaw. That is why we perform socket preservation, to help reduce the risk of bone loss after extractions and start you back on the path to healing.

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It’s never too late to discuss options for a straight smile. It is a common misconception that children are the only patients who receive teeth straightening treatment, but Dr. Preston encourages all ages to consider these options is you’re unhappy with your smile. Our practice offers treatments with clear aligners to make the straightening process easy and less noticeable.

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Sedation Dentistry

We’ve been experts in dentistry serving Stafford and the surrounding areas for over 40 years now. At Burns Family Dentistry, sedation is a common part of dental procedures, and we’ll give you all the knowledge and information you need before surgery to help you better understand our sedation techniques.

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Dental Technology

Technology in the dental field has changed at a lightning fast pace. Dr. Preston Burns, III, has been a leader in the dental community using the latest and most innovative dental technology to diminish pain and discomfort, while increasing convenience and quality. At Burns Family Dentistry you’ll find our advanced dental technology is paired with kind and expert staff to enhance your dental experience from start to finish.

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We know dental emergencies are never convenient. Dr. Burns is committed to the integrity of his patients’ health. If you are having an emergency and are a patient of our office, we will see you the same day and make every effort to fit you into our schedule.

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